Bill and Ezra have presented Keynote addresses at annual association conferences in 25 states and workshops for many more.

"It was absolutely wonderful, but more important the information you shared with us was timely and, from all indications, will be put to use immediately." - Deputy Superintendent Culver City U.S.D.

Keynote Topics

Caring For the Caregiver: Making Sure You Don't Slip Off the Radar Screen
An upbeat, interactive, and meaningful presentation filled with a variety of simple, accessible stress reduction ideas and techniques for beating burnout ...and real world ways to make time for you and your family. Extensive resource packet. We're worth it!

Laugh & Level with Me: The Power of Play and Humor in Our Leadership Lives
With some negative stress always being a part of our job, how do we care for the caregiver...for us... for each other? Come join us for an interactive, informative and fun keynote slide presentation on the relationship between "TEAMWORK" (a clear model of what goes into highly effective teams) wellness, and humor in the workplace. A wealth of resources and practical ideas on how organizations around the country are using laughter, play, and humor for staff development, stress reduction, and the creation of a positive work atmosphere. Guaranteed to add more mirth to the earth.

Caretakers of Wonder: A Lighthearted Look at the Power of Play
Are you overworked and underplayed? Has the fun gone out of your fundamentals? Then travel with us on a humorous keynote journey that explores and celebrates the developmental and health benefits of play that we share each day in a well paced slide presentation of collected cartoons, poems inspirational quotes and images you're bound to recognize.

Modeling Leadership and Best Practices
An inspirational review that honors school age professionals and identifies key leadership principles and best practices that will help take us to the next level.

In today's world, in particular in the human service arena, it is increasingly important to keep your staff happy and satisfied beyond monetary compensation. This workshop-keynote will help enhance the environment of the workplace through a presentation of eight principles that contribute to the complexity of work and create flow and happiness for employees: clarifying goals, feedback, opportunity, loss of ego, matching challenges with skills, concentration, and control over one's job and time.

  • Learning Through the Eyes of the Child
  • Children Without Childhood: How to Turn it Around
  • Celebrating Each Day... Our Gifts of Nature, Adventure and Play
  • Roots and Wings (...and Other Things)
  • Together is Better: Gifts of Family Play
  • The Power of Play
  • Free Play: Creativity and Improvisation in Life and Learning
  • Overcoming Hurry Sickness and Urgency Addiction

"Thanks for a great keynote and inspirational workshops." - New Jersey S.A.C.

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